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Morbid North is looking for a new person to take the helm and keep things rocking forward.

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Last Friday Morbid North stopped selling any items to Russia and Belarus. We have also stopped selling to Ukraine as we need to save all logistical capabilities for more important items during this cruel war. More information about our decision and ways to help the people in need in Ukraine:
Let's give a warm welcome to a new member of the family, @depressedmodeofficial
Adding some symphonic death doom metal from Finland to our mix. They also come with so far the largest collection of merch in launch to date with something new like all-over printed beanies to warm your head and embroidery caps with distressed edgy look waiting for the warm spring.

Welcome to the family!

Official Depressed Mode merch available at:
King Satan is releasing a new single next week!

Go to the @kingsatanofficial account and check the link to pre-save it and be the first to hear the new single.

Also remember to comment "Presaved" to the original post and you'll have a chance to win some cool official King Satan goodies!
Holidays are now over, but just before them Morbid North | Family grew a bit larger with @mistofmisery
Let's give them a warm welcome and remember to check out all the new merch coming with them including some of the most unique band merch so far!
A warm welcome to the @fireprovenband joining the Morbid North family!
Check out the new totes and pillows covered with the amazing Fireproven single cover art and remember to grab a warm organic cotton beanie as well!

Official fan merch available at


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We are Morbid North, born in Helsinki, Finland back in 2018. Our brand may carry a scary name, but we are not bad guys, just badass. Our mission is to help rising artists offer quality merch for their fans in the most sustainable and affordable way possible around the world.
On top of the fanmerch we also offer merch of our own under the name Morbid North | Apparel.

Wanna join us?

We offer a completely FREE Band Basic membership for any artists who want to offer some kickass merch for their fans.
Products are printed on-demand that removes any initial investments and helps to save the environment by not producing anything to waste.
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