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Morbid North saw the light at Helsinki back in December 2018. Originally the plan was to launch a new creative agency with a couple of other talented artists to offer our services to bands, events and promoters. But all plans do it changed because other guys got new jobs and as I got more and more requests for band merch design I started looking into how to make that better for bands. Morbid North's core idea is to offer all bands and artists, big and small a platform where they can sell their merch to their fans without giving up their merch rights. All band merch sold on our site gives profit to the bands and our service is completely free of charge. This way our success is tied to bands' success as well.

Because we do all products in print-on-demand method, this also ensures the most environmentally friendly way to do merch. This way no products go to waste at all, but instead when something is ordered, it's printed right away to the customer. By trying to choose the most eco-friendly product options also supports this like our new biodegradable phone cases. Of course, not all things can be made eco-friendly just yet, but it's always our goal to go for those options when they are available and fits our manufacturing process.



Riku Forsman

Morbid North | Creative Agency

Together with merchandising, we also design a lot of our products by ourselves. Morbid North | Creative is here to help with your creative and marketing needs. We can offer a variety of services ranging from illustration, graphic design, motion graphics and web design.

If you have any questions or need for our services, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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