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The road began at Helsinki back in December 2018. After making cover art and designing band merch for years, I noticed the same problem coming up again and again. Artists who didn't do music as a career yet or had just begun couldn't afford investing huge amount of money on both for my designs and for the bulk of screen printed shirts. Short after I started testing out many print-on-demand services and even though it was cheap there were a lot of issues with the quality, environmentally friendly options and I was worried that how much was made in cheap labor in countries where human rights were not so important.

So why not build my own business to ensure the required quality and that everything would be printed on merch that is environmentally friendly as possible and 100% sweatshop free. That opened the door for a cheaper way for bands to offer their merch to the fans and I could ensure the prints would be made in the same high quality as screen printed shirts by using direct-to-garment printing. And better yet is that each sold band item is making a profit for the band so you know you will be giving them support by ordering your next fan merch.

We are still a new and small business, but we have already grown into a team of 4 amazing people. We hope you have the best possible experience with us now and in the future.



Riku Forsman
CEO, Founder


CEO, Head of Operations
Head of Marketing
Client Relations Manager
Social Media Manager

Morbid North | Apparel

Morbid North | Apparel is our own in-house clothing label. Our primary focus is to offer alternative clothing and personal accessories at reasonable price tags for consumers and artists alike.
The print-on-demand method may affect shipping times, but we always aim to keep things rolling as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.
Our clothing is made to last, which is why we use only suppliers who are known to provide quality assets. Most of our products are printed on-demand to ensure we do not create unnecessary waste; every printed piece of clothing is made for someone to wear, not to be stored in a warehouse and destroyed after it's gone "out of fashion".

Morbid North | MARKETING

To us effective marketing is not just a Facebook post every now and then. It's a much larger field full of options that we'll navigate with you to reach the best results. For example, one of the best ways to promote is to target your marketing. We can reach your fans not only on popular digital platforms, but also through digital signage whenever they're on the move.

Marketing is an essential service if your aim is to get big.

Morbid North | Creative Agency

Morbid North | Creative Agency is here to help with your creative and marketing needs. We can offer a variety of services ranging from illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, web design and marketing for smaller companies.

We can also provide you a secure page where you can order your crew, team, brand etc. shirts and other items any time you need. Custom printed items have shipping times between 1-2 weeks.

If you have any questions or need for our services, don’t hesitate to contact us: contact@morbidnorth.com

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