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Morbid North
November 16, 2022

When I launched Morbid North in 2018, I was supposed to have it as a little side project, but it began growing faster than I could keep up. So eventually I decided to reform the company as a limited company and bring three partners to help out with running it. It was just before the worldwide pandemic spread around the world closing down the major part of our business, the live music. Because of the struggle, my partners and I separated our way and I was barely keeping the Morbid North alive.

Last May I announced I was looking for someone to continue running the company instead of me because of my health issues. I just wanted to keep the thing going and never really run it for profit. The whole project has always been more like a volunteer project run for the rising musicians and to this day I haven't earned a dime from any of the work I've put into it.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a suitable person to take this off my hands. I'd be happy if I could at least sell the custom-made site itself in a white-labeled version. But for Morbid North the journey is now over by the end of this month 30th November 2022. All orders will be processed normally up to that date and the site itself will be up until all band profits are paid from the sales from this period.

Where to now?

I thank all of you who supported me during this journey of trial and error. I hope I will be able to give out all the things I have learned one day.
From now on I will be focusing solely on doing creative work under the name of Samael Creative. I'm sure some of you are already familiar at least with my photography as it's mostly focused on the same bands as the merch on Morbid North.
I will also keep doing merch, but as a creative, because my passion is in the art and not in running a business. I'll be offering merch designs and as of now I'm also quite familiar with making merch stores as well, so I might be taking some web design projects as well. But for now, my life needs more art in it as I feel like I've been lost without it when the time has been taken by running Morbid North.
Any musicians who are interested in anything related to selling or designing merch, album cover art, logo designs, photography, marketing etc. Just follow my blog as I'll be sharing everything I know there. And of course, if you have something you think could reveal further, just let me know and I'd be happy to write about it.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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Riku Forsman
Owner & Founder of Morbid North Ltd

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