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(Black Friday deal lasts until midnight 28.11.2021. The discount price will continue yearly until cancelled)
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Morbid North is hailing from Finland, the land of metal music. We offer merchandising services for garage bands to high risers. With our printing and logistics partners we are able to print and ship your fan merch from 7 different countries and 4 different continents to your fans. The fastest, cheapest and the most economic way.



Great choice if you're a designer and fully able to make your own merch designs or use outside help to do it.
(Normally 180 €)
Best for most. You provide the design, we handle the rest and you get your own ladning page.

(Normally 1499 €)
Need even more professional graphic design services? Need warehousing for your own products? Choose this.
No matter which membership type you choose, you gain a profit of 15% from each sold item and on top of that, you may gain an affiliate bonus of +10% on top of that. You're not only getting an affiliate bonus from your own products, but also from any other merch sold including other bands or Morbid North | Apparel.

When selling your own items through our warehousing we get a 20% commission from the price + taxes. The rest of it is yours and you can choose the price of the product. Let's just keep the minimum price over 5€ to cover the minimum packing and fulfillment costs.
So what is actually included in each membership?

Band Basic
• Is completely free of charge and this will be enough for you if you just want to offer your fan merch at our store.
• Unlimited print-on-demand products! We do not have any restrictions on how many products you wish to offer for your fans. We can create just as many as you have designs for.
• Affiliate tools with analytics allowing you to earn +10% more and see how well is your affiliate links gaining new visitors and converting.

Band Premium
• Includes everything from Band Basic
• You get a custom-made responsive landing page that is made exactly as you want. The landing page is also automatically turning all your visitors into affiliates.
• We unlock warehousing and fulfillment services for you. At this level, you can send up to 5 separate products in total to either the USA or EU warehouse. This service also includes product photos if you do not already have them.

Band Pro
• Everything from Band Basic and Band Premium
• Monthly graphic design help for up to 3 tasks/month (36/year) for adjusting your graphic content for your marketing or even making your album layouts. The only limits are that this service does not include creating new assets like a logo, illustration etc.
• Warehousing for up to 20 separate products in total to either the USA or EU warehouse. This service also includes product photos if you do not already have them.
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Printed on-demand

Printing on-demand means that when the custome makes and order, the item will be printed right away and then sent to the customer. In similar way all-over product are made on-demand. They are printed on the fabric, sewn together and sent to the customer. This way there is no need to stock up a huge inventory. We already have a selection of over 200 POD (print-on-demand) items that we can use to create new merch for you. This way there's zero risk of testing out new design ideas and when you find a winning design, you can get it made in bulk and use our fulfillment service to get even higher profits out of them.

Fulfillment Service

We also offer warehousing in the USA and Latvia where you can send your own items for our order fulfillment. This way they can be easily sold together with any other fan merch you like to offer. Not everything can be made on-demand and sometimes there are items you like to keep as limited editions. Like CDs, vinyls, patches etc.

There is some type of items that we do not allow. You can read more from our Prohibited Content Policy

Tour Merchandice

Carrying huge amounts of merch to the venue can become exhausting really fast. Optionally you can order your own merch where ever in the worldwide you need and more you order, more you save because you also gain automatically bulk discount base on your order quantity.
All you need is someone to receive your merch and you can simply send everything to the venue well before your plane hits the tour location.

Sustainable & Responsible Merch

Printing on-demand alone is one of the most sustainable ways to make new merch, but to be sustainable it also needs to hold quality. Most of our basic textiles are eco-friendly and carry certificates such as GOTS and OEKO-TEX. Also, we choose the supplier very carefully so we can be sure that everything we offer is 100% sweatshop-free and carries high-quality standards.
On top of that, sustainability is carried out throughout the whole production by reducing any waste that may come during the process, using eco-friendly packing, sending items automatically from the closest location possible. Efficient printing is carried out by using the same equipment in each location worldwide all inks used also carry certificates such as OEKO-TEX and GreenGuard.

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