Bandcamp Friday - September 2nd, 2022

It's Bandcamp Friday!
On the first Friday of every month since March of 2020, Bandcamp has waived its revenue share to help support the many artists who have seen their livelihoods disrupted by the pandemic.
Although vaccines are already rolling out worldwide, it will likely be some time before live performance revenue starts to return. So Bandcamp continues doing Bandcamp Fridays in 2022. Please see for time zone demystification.

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OPEN POSITION: Morbid North is looking for a new CEO/Owner

When I originally launched Morbid North back in 2018 it was supposed to be just a small side project, but then it started growing as more and more bands joined. I also tried to get new partners to share the workload, but immediately after that the COVID-19 spread worldwide and as things didn't really work […]

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Bandcamp is joining Epic Games

Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond announced today that they are joining Epic Games which are known for their Unreal Engine and Fortnite.

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Extra measures due to the Russian hostilities

By this point, it probably won't come as a surprise, but Morbid North has taken extra measures due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Until further notice, all sales to Russia and Belarus are now restricted and stay so until all hostilities are stopped. Morbid North does not condemn Russian or Belarusian people, but only their leadership.As […]

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Band Memberships | How to get paid?

Morbid North offers 30-day returns and due to this commissions for the sales are paid only after this return period is over during the first full business week of each month. As an example, if you sold a t-shirt on January 15th, you will see it in your analytics in the first week of February […]

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NEWS | Samael Creative launching a new creative service

What is it? Originally Morbid North was supposed to become a new creative agency focusing on music industry needs from album art to marketing assets, but then the road took it in a different direction becoming new music merchandising service. Now Samael Creative with the Morbid North founder Riku Forsman is launching a new creative […]

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