Band Memberships | How to get paid?

Morbid North offers 30-day returns and due to this commissions for the sales are paid only after this return period is over during the first full business week of each month. As an example, if you sold a t-shirt on January 15th, you will see it in your analytics in the first week of February […]

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NEWS | Samael Creative launching a new creative service

What is it? Originally Morbid North was supposed to become a new creative agency focusing on music industry needs from album art to marketing assets, but then the road took it in a different direction becoming new music merchandising service. Now Samael Creative with the Morbid North founder Riku Forsman is launching a new creative […]

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NEWS | Eventual launches unique service to the event industry

The Finnish startup company Eventual has developed an online crowdfunding platform that can revolutionize the event industry. With a new service called Eventual, anyone can set up a campaign for an artist or performer they would like to perform in a particular city.

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Bandcamp Friday - May 7th, 2021

We love and support all music, but here are some of the great artists from our roster you should take a listen and give your support!

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New portal for bands and affiliates

A new payout portal for both bands and affiliates launching in two stages during Q1 2021. Read more on how to prepare your account for upcoming changes.

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SoundCloud releases a new fan-powered royalties model

A Game-Changing New Pay Model for Independent Artists. SoundCloud says it will start directing money from subscribers to the artists they actually listen to.

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