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Morbid North is an online band fan merchandise supplier from Helsinki, Finland. We aim our service towards rising musicians who need to offer quality merch to their fans without large initial investment and work required to taking orders and mailing everything by themselves. We are also proud to say that we will never hold any of the bands in exclusivity deals, instead, all the bands are free to offer their merch anywhere else if they feel the need for it.
On top of print-on-demand services, we also offer warehousing and logistics for other physical products like albums or DIY merch from the USA and EU.

Morbid North Ltd was founded in 2018 in Helsinki and handles the printing process and logistics together with partners from 8 different countries to offer an amazing merchandise with high standards in both quality and responsibility. As responsibility is one of our core values all our products are 100% sweatshop free and we are constantly moving towards offering more and more eco-friendly options as possible while still keeping the quality in check.

Worldwide service

Morbid North currently has partners in 9 different countries. The USA, Canada, Mexico, Latvia, Spain, Australia, Japan and soon launching in the UK.
By printing and shipping products from multiple locations around the world, we can minimize the environmental impact with minimal logistics while also making shipping cheaper for the customers. Our business model is also completely transparent, so we do not hide the shipping costs under the "free shipping" name because we consider that very misleading to the end customers. The bands who have partnered with us get a 15% + 10% affiliation bonus from all of the sales and we do not charge bands anything from that basic service. This way our sales success is tied to the success of our bands.

By the end of 2020, we have already delivered our products to 5 continents and 58 countries.

Billing details

In addition to the mandatory invoice information, invoices must contain the following information:

Reference person (First name, Last name)
Any purchase order number
Supplier's name, address, bank account number and business ID
In credit memos, a reference to the invoice to be assigned

Please prefer using online billing always when possible and give us 14-30 day minimum payment terms.
Online billing:
E-invoice address: 003731331275 
Operator ID: 003723327487
E-invoice operator: APIX Messaging Oy
Email PDF-billing:
Paper billing:
Morbid North Ltd
Linnavuorenkatu 26 B 7
00950 Helsinki, FINLAND
Any question about our billing? Please contact for further information.


Morbid North Ltd.
Business ID: 3133127-5
VAT ID: FI31331275
Address: Linnavuorentie 26 B 7, 00950 Helsinki, FINLAND (Paper mail only)

We communicate fluently in both Finnish and Engling!

Brand Assets

Hunting for our logo and other brand assets? Head over to our Brand Assets-page to read more about our brand guidelines and download all the required assets.
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