COVID-19 updates for Morbid North customers

Updated: 12th June, 2020
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Updated 12.6.2020

LA facility is gradually resuming the fulfillment of our all-over print products, including Sublimated Towels and Swimwear. In Latvia, airlines are renewing more flights which means our Riga facility is starting to return to its normal shipping flow, and we can expect to see a decrease in Europe delivery times.

Mexico facility is moving to space 5x the previous size which will boost order fulfillment.

All facilities are pushing the maximum order amount on a daily basis, and following the FIFO (first in, first out) principle as much as possible to keep the backlog from growing.

Fulfillment estimate

Be prepared for delays

Our fulfillment times will be longer than usual, and may continue to increase until things get back to normal. The entire industry is grappling with challenges and we're seeing delays in our supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers.

Estimates are current as of June 11, 2020.

Fast fulfillment timeAverage fulfillment timeSlow fulfillment time

DTG (Including most of our shirts)23-28 business days-2-7 business days
All-over print22-27 business days22-27 business days20-25 business days
Neck gaiters5-8 business days5-8 business days4-8 business days
Embroidery products16-20 business days-7-10 business days
Flip flops5-8 business days-2-4 business days
Laptop sleeves--2-4 business days
Socks4-7 business days-2-4 business days
Phone cases2-4 business days-2-4 business days
Jewelry1-3 business days-1-2 business days
Face masks2-4 business days-1-3 business days
Posters8-12 business days-1-2 business days
Framed posters3-7 business days-1-3 business days
Canvas5-8 business days-1-2 business days
Stickers13-18 business days-2-4 business days
Mugs5-8 business days-1-3 business days
Warehousing & fulfillment1-2 business days-1 business day

We'll continue posting updates as they come. Thank you for your patience and for reading.

We are committed to keeping our teams safe and we'll continue to follow guidelines from the CDC, WHO, US Department of State, and local governments and health agencies.

You can also email us if you have any further questions.

Stay safe and follow your local health guidelines.

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