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Fan merch in its initial worth is the ability to drive fans and artists. Imagine: you're playing a gig in front of fans wearing your band's shirts. Excited to see dedicated fans you give your best on stage, and your fans return that in kind. It's a positive feedback loop and well worth investing in. We offer to get the ball rolling way easier by offering print-on-demand merch with 0€ initial investment.


Here's how it works

If you have the means and skills to create your designs, then all you need is to download a template file for the specific product you want them printed on, then send it to us with a little introduction. You can find the necessary tools and print requirements here.

Selling your merch

After we've set up your designs we will add them to our catalog and create a storefront page with any content you want to be added. You will also receive vendor privileges to your account which lets you:

  • Maintain merch catalog
  • Order merch in bulk for gigs and tours
  • See sales and other analytics

You profit 15% from each sold POD catalog item and on top of that, you might also get an affiliation bonus of +10%. If you want to use our warehousing services, then we only charge warehousing and fulfillment fees and the rest is yours. If you want to sell digital products we only charge 5% of the total price.

That's it, now you're selling merch.


When an artist partners up with Morbid North we will make sure their merch is visible in banner ads on our frontpage, and in dynamic ads on social media. We also send out a monthly newsletter that highlights both artists' and our own new or upcoming stuff. The artist landing page belongs to you, and is tailored accordingly. Artists are in control of how their content is presented, and can display merch, music (in a Spotify or Bandcamp widget), videos, upcoming gigs or tour dates on their page. The cost of all this is literally nothing.

Where does the money come from?

We realize giving things for free all willy-nilly makes all this sound like the beginnings of a pyramid scheme. However, it's in our best interest to do everything we can to make everyone's merch sell, because, instead of billing you in advance, we take a small cut from each sale. That combined with the POD model eliminates up-front costs, and sets the bar to start selling merch super low for everyone.


We want to encourage bands to promote their own merch and we also reward bands for doing so. By using affiliate links you get on top of your own cut of 15%* an affiliate commission of +10% (In total 25% from the product price). And not just from your own merch, but affiliation bonus comes from every item sold in our store. Even other bands merch!

If you get another band to join us you also get 10 € + 3% of the value of each of their product they sell.

(*With you own products warehoused and fulfilled by us we only take the warehousing and fulfillment fees. Selling these products with affiliation code won't bring you any extra commission)

Why Choose Morbid North

There are several good reasons to sell merch through us.


Easy and Light-weight

We don't bind you with exclusivity deals or any long term red tape. You don't need to pay anything upfront. The only condition is that we can sell your merch for a minimum of six months to avoid creating custom landing pages in vain. That's it.


Top Quality

Our shirts are DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printed, and each print goes through quality assurance. All-over printed products are always sublimation printed on the fabric and sewn together afterward. That way every inch of the fabric gets printed.


100% Sweatshop Free

Your merch will be printed on fabric from brands that are known for their ethical standards and high quality. There are also Eco-Friendly options for most of our Print-On-Demand Products.


No Hassle

We handle everything for you: selling, packaging, handling and logistics, and all the customer service goes through us. Honestly, managing your merch through us makes a lousy excuse to skip practice.



Our Print-on-Demand model eliminates the need to invest huge sums of money upfront to fill a minimum quota. Your merch is created and delivered as orders come in, so there's never storehouses filled with unsold stuff. If you want to sell merch on your gig, you can easily order any amount you need and have them delivered directly to the venue.


Free Visibility

We'll rotate banner ads on our site as well as targeted dynamic ads on Facebook and Instagram. Both include your logo and visual style, and a selection of your products. Of course, you can advertise your store and products using your own budget as well.


Monthly Payouts

You get your cut from sales every month. The store page comes with tools that help you analyze sales.

Warehousing and Shipping

If you have existing merch or physical albums, we can also provide warehousing in Europe and the USA. All warehoused products will be listed on your storefront and they ship like all the other merch. Warehouses are located in Charlotte NC, USA and Riga, Latvia.

From warehoused products, we take 20% of the total price of the product that you can choose (minimum of 5 € to cover packing and fulfillment).

Did we get you hooked?

Create your band vendor account right away and let's get things started!

PayPal email

Please use your PayPal email. Do not add link. Otherwise PayPal won't recognize it.

Bank information

IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

Social media links

Social media links will show up as icons on your landing page.

Widgets are optional and the site works best if you choose max one player widget. We can add any widgets which has embedding option available.

Essential assets for the landing page

Essential assets we need for your landing page includes your logo and possible first designs for your merch.
Logo should be either PNG, PSD, AI, EPS or SVG format.


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