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Morbid North
May 26, 2021
Samael Creative Featured

What is it?

Originally Morbid North was supposed to become a new creative agency focusing on music industry needs from album art to marketing assets, but then the road took it in a different direction becoming new music merchandising service.

Now Samael Creative with the Morbid North founder Riku Forsman is launching a new creative agency Samael Creative as part of Morbid North | Family taking over the original idea of Morbid North. This new agency will handle all visual creative or marketing assets the music industry needs from illustration to marketing assets like vectorizing band logos, creating banners, or overseeing the usage of PR assets.

With a long background as a creative from freelance illustrator to marketing, Rikus's experience is more than enough to give something fresh to the music industry. While services will be focusing mostly on the art, they will be also including other services that you could expect from a regular ad agency. As being responsible for video marketing, Riku has great experience in producing motion graphics and handling all the modern video marketing channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch.

When will it launch?

Samael Creative is currently at its Pre-Launch phase and will see its full launch by the end of summer 2021. Already Samael Creative is behind all creative work at Morbid North from the fresh new website to some of the new and unique merch.

As part of Morbid North | Family, Samael Creative services will be also part of the upcoming Band Pro membership that will include a limited amount of creative tasks in the subscription. Band Pro memberships will launch on June 11th, 2021.

How to contact?

You can contact Samael Creative for your album art project by email:

During the Pre-Launch period, all album art commissions will be offered at a -50% price. Do remember however that Samael Creative can only take a limited amount of commission during this period and will be taken in the same order as the projects can be started. Artworks created during this period will be also highlighted as Samael Creatives' key art in future marketing giving some extra visibility to the first clients.

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